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Next weekend MOHME is organizing its own Christmas bazaar and…party! Intimate atmosphere, selected high end designers of Shanghai, tasteful Christmas food and drinks, and a Christmas theme party…let’s tell you more about it!



We both love Christmas and the idea of bringing people together so we wanted to create our own event to celebrate Christmas magic with some of the best designers we know in Shanghai. This will be western’s café/concept store style, one of those you would find in a trendy capital city, where you can shop & chill at the same time, in a cosy space, and taste Chef gourmet Christmas delicacies. But how could we celebrate Christmas without having a party?? Starting at 7pm on Saturday, DJ from Sound of Shanghai will make you dance until sunrise.

Tickets are  30rmb on presales and 40rmb at the door and include a free glass of mulled wine and a chance to win at the lucky draw (4.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday).



For this Christmas edition, we’ve decided to choose different designers to offer you a wide range of choices to help you in your Christmas shopping journey  ;-). You’ll find amazing designs and products for all your family and for all ages, children, women and men. All exhibitors will offer one item of their collection as part of the lucky draw gifts…


Cute children shoes and accessories



"A little dream" is a shoe and accessories brand for babies and toddlers, which is inspired by a love of colours, fabrics and quality. All items are hand-made and closely evaluated during the creation process to give our little ones a unique and comfortable style! This is a London-born brand designed by Alejandra, a Latin American designer and mother of two boys with over a decade of fashion experience in New York, Mexico and now the Far East. 

Take a look around and I'm sure you'll love our products as much as I do! 

XX Ale





Kim Jung Hyun (Chong) born in Seoul, South Korea, founded A.M.C fashion jewellery collections in December 2015. It is a brand for women who want trendy, designed, fashion accessories & jewellery with good quality (OEM manufactured) at affordable price. A.M.C aims to offer customers fashionable, reinvented classic designs and latest trends; she draws inspirations from Literature, Industrial Designs, Art, Architecture, Furniture Designs to everyday life. Every Product is conceptually designed and crafted with care and made of quality materials. Finishes and details on all products are immaculate.

“Our collection is modern, stylish and timeless: Real products for real people.” Chong



Our extraordinarily jewellery are made with the ordinary material in a rich color collocation to create it's distinct character for the dream pursuer. The initial inspiration of LIZ&JAZ is from the music movie, pedestrianization, urban evolution and every breakthrough against the rule. LIZ&JAZ value the humanity and love; we share the feeling of creating our life and live it through our handicraft accessories.


Bags and accessories



COOLAB is an independent design brand from Shanghai, created for people who share with us the same love for a creative, fresh and contemporary design. Inspired by our daily life and the surrounding environment, we play with materials, colors, and shapes in order to offer timeless essential products, (hand) made with passion to last beyond seasons.


Women’s clothes



Created in 2016, MOHME is a palette of the dream wardrobe of 2 designers, replete with their personality traits. Inspired by modern Chinese urban lifestyle enhanced by French creativity, MOHME’s vibrant vision reinvents Fashion codes, moving outside the box to craft unique and timeless designs. Feminine styles meet tomboy, modern silhouettes play with bold fabrics and details, for unconventional associations in a playground made up by these edgy collections.


Men’s clothes & accessories



Why would lingerie be a women thing only? Well, said like that, it may sound a bit strange. But that’s where our story starts. Inspired by these products, we decided to celebrate happiness and color by creating Dagobear. From a simple idea to a complete range of underwear and accessories, we’ve brought a small revolution to the men dressing rooms. Our goal: that all men finally trash their worn-out boxers, their ugly ties and their boring suits.  That they kick off their day with a smile, looking awesome. Their goal: always the same. Whether it is courtship or a swipe to the right, we’ll all programmed for the same thing. Trusting fate? Not so efficient. Looking good? It helps. Sporting Dagobear, men shine and bring out their colors, ladies fall into their trap. Gentlemen, we’ll help you #ToGetHer. We guarantee it*!

*Obviously, this only works along with a decent social behaviour, impeccable dental hygiene and absolute respect for the fair sex ;)  



Premium tailored suits with a first-class service. ROJO Clothing is an exclusive tailoring experience. We focus on the premium production of exclusive, made-to-measure suits and menswear accessories. A ROJO Clothing suit will say something about you. How we deliver our services says something about us. We believe in the importance of your experience. Each client will enjoy a premium, personal service that comes as standard at ROJO Clothing. From the first, personal measuring session with our highly-trained tailors in your office or home, to the finished creation, the ROJO Clothing team makes a promise on delivering a product, service and experience that is unrivalled across the industry.

Our goal: To provide an affordable, premium, exclusive tailoring service for the modern gentleman.


Lifestyle items


LA PTITE LU (comic books, cards, and bags) 

La Ptite Lu means " little Lu" (Lu for Lucie, my name). She is a cartoon character who loves to make you smile with her short and fun comics. In her wechat account, she publishes regularly about her life in China.  The great thing is that she also released 2 comics’ books with many new drawings and stories called: LAPTITELU MADE IN CHINA, VOLUME 1&2. And this is a perfect Christmas gift!


TREE-LABS (portative audio design solutions)

Tree-Labs is a Swiss brand established by a team of audio geeks. We come from places like Switzerland, France, China and Taiwan, bringing our own culture and know-how together to design beautiful pieces and professional audio solutions. Our backgrounds vary from audio engineering, manufacturing, and product design. We came together to create something different that was interesting and challenging to us.

Our passion is audio and design and we strive to combine the two by bringing the best sound out of our portable, well-crafted designs. We want our customers to feel the music in such a way that they want to dance and sing to it. We design each of our products with distinctive design styles that move us.



The schedule is available on the flyers - starts at 11am on Saturday, ends on Sunday at 5pm…check the details you won’t regret it!



We can’t stop praising Chef MING cuisine. All ingredients that come out of his kitchen are fresh, picked by him from all around the world, homemade, and absolutely delicious…for this Christmas edition we’ve asked him to offer you very traditional Christmas tastes and qualitative products. You will enjoy the best OYSTERS in town with a glass of wine, FOIE GRAS toast, smoked salmon…Desserts are also to die for you will be able to choose between macaroons and tiramisu. 



MEKA is the perfect place for these intimate yet festive designer’s events. Hidden in a building office area, it is quite a surprising place, raw and designed, elegant and comfy, you’ll feel at home when opening the door…MEKA offers all of its best resources, highly qualified personnel, hidden arty loft and his famous and talented chef, chef Ming. They helped us bring this event together so we really want to thank Christine and Forrest… We hope you’ll drop by and enjoy with us a nice and warm Christmas weekend.



That’s it magazine is inspired by fashion, art, tech, culture and lifestyle and is an online magazine that shares the things they love in collaboration with bloggers and contributors from all around the world. It was established by Ines Liang and Camilla Gleditsch in 2014 with the idea of helping start-up companies, new brands and designers get their offering to the right audience. With a reach of 8000 & 13000 readers on wechat and weibo, they are a big voice for the small ones and we are so happy they are sponsoring all our events… you can follow their Wechat account there to get your That’s it daily dose! ;-)