SKIRT OF THE DAY : How to wear OXY pencil skirt ?



This week let’s talk about our MOHME OXY skirt 

This is an incredibly versatile skirt, second skin and flattering-fit, comfort and feminine. This style will soon be your must have for the coming hot summer days… 

We will provide through this article a bunch of different ways to quickly and easily style it, so you’ll be able to wear it everyday according to your moods and plans. It will become a go-to piece and the favorite item of your summer wardrobe…;-) 

3 ways to style your pencil tube summer skirt OXY



Style this bright pencil skirt with a pair of neutral heels for a more office-appropriate vibe.



Wear this second skin-fit skirt during the day, paired with slightly oversized tees or a blazer. Put on a pair of flats to feel more confortable.



If a tee feels too casual, another option is to tuck in a fitted-not tight-top into your skirt for a long, lean silhouette. 


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