We’ve designed MOHME’s new summer collection to be very colourful and powerful and we'd like to share some clues and tips on how to wear those styles…! As many of you liked our previous street shoots post, we took our bikes and on a sunny day and found some interesting trendy spots to introduce you some new looks… 
We’ve opened up our closet and styled MOHME’s new collection with some of our personal items. This aims to give you inspiration and ideas about how to mix up and refresh your outfits this season.... There are actually plenty of options and possibilities but here are the ones we’ve prepared for you, we hope you’ll like it…! 

Here are the 2 new SS17 street looks for you to discover this week… 




 OCTKAIL DRESS , vivid color and deep V neck for an elegant summer 

Helene wears MOHME OCKTAIL dress, with ANDRE special edition sandals and YSL iridescent leather clutchbag.


Shoes sandals are doing a great job on this look with their vynil printed effect and their toned down pastel pink mixed with green leaves pattern. This choice brings a new colour and shining effect to the style (Iridescent crinkled green leather bag and glitter heels). 

DESIGNER’S TIPS : to build up a strong look, no need to add much to this dress which has a deep bright colour, a nice weaved pattern, thick shoulder pads to enhance a feminine stature, and a blue detail laced style ribbon that ornament the deep V neck front opening. You just have to choose the right accessories... Don’t be afraid to add up another color!  




ONENE body , casual outfit for a nice spring boheme look 

Helene wears MOHME ONENE body, ZARA hight waist blue jeans and leather bag, THEKOOPLES silk jacket with cashmere print, and VINTAGE burgundy sandals. 


If you want to play it more casual and wear "easy" basic colours such as blue denim and grey, better add up one print piece (here the jacket), colourful accessories (here the Burgundy sandals and orange lipstick) and a little fancyness with the fringes bag.  

DESIGNER’S TIPS : every mix of colors and style is possible, really depends on your mood, occasion and on the global outfit you want to opt for. This body item is a real chameleon in the collection you can wear it with almost everything and even it gets long sleeves the rib fabric is still ventilated so absolutely perfect for a spring weather forecast… "Simple" silhouettes are always a "it", trick is to be noticeably fashion while being casual... 


Talk to you soon...

MOHME team