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This week article is about our backstage #dansNosBaskets…we decided to give you a tour and a little retrospective of what we’ve been busy at lately! 

Looking for inspiration

These past 2 weeks we explore the Shanghai art scene. We visited the Rockbund museum and the Modern Art museum and we simply loved it! It gave us some time away from the studio to renew our inspiration.



The first exhibition ASIA ART is organized by Hugo Boss and Rockbund Art Museum (RAM). They present the 4 finalists from their ASIA art 2017 program which rewards emerging asian artists.

As Larys Frogier, the Director of Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) and Chair of the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART jury said, “With brilliant and often unexpected uses of video, sculpture, installation and performance, the four artists unfold through the Museum new forms of narratives and exciting jumps or twists from cultural contexts to subjective fantasies, from historical references to new contemporary social topics, from documentary displays to fictional experiences. The very unique proposals made by each of the artists demonstrate how fresh, meaningful and decisive are their contribution to invigorate the contemporary art scenes in China and Asia.”. 

What we liked most was their urban, modern and minimalist set-ups, like “Hello, Finale!” work of Tao Hui. Here is the Rockbund extract on his work which we could not summarize in a better way.

“Moving images and video installations make up Tao Hui’s oeuvre. In this exhibition, he presents a new multi-channel video installation Hello, Finale which is in the form of video array and is composed of nine TV-series-like videos showing characters making phone calls to other people. Hello, Finale was shot during Tao Hui’s stay in Kyoto, Japan this year. Nine characters from different jobs of life in Japan discuss the relationships between finitude, end, death and other topics in films and television dramas”.


First time we went to this museum and it was a nice surprise! The area is all under construction but the location along the Huangpu river makes it just perfect. It gives you a different perspective of the bund. We walked a bit around to discover the area and it was surprisingly worth the visit. Need to keep an eye on this part of the city, which can be an alternative to the South West Bund area…


Paul Smith's exhibition was a really nice surprise, and worth the ticket price and the visit…We were captured by his universe and felt close to his artistic approach…Paul Smith never learned drawing but still he can think and create wonderful designs. He gets his inspiration throughout his travels, pictures, favourite movies and artworks. He loves the colours and conceives each of his boutique differently rethinking the brand code and offering a new and unique shopping experience. It striked us that he actually built his brand sharing the same values as ours! We were amazed to discover his story! 

Here find some good clichés we’ve taken there… 



Talking about style

We’ve met Mayura while working from a café, she is a free lance writer for CITY WEEKEND magazine fashion section She noticed one of our MOHME dress and asked us if we could be interested in doing an interview about fashion and style for the magazine. We were pleased to talk about us designers and to promote MOHME by talking about our own inspirations and personality traits…The article should be released in January, can’t wait to see the result.


Hope you’ll like this kind of MOHME blogging content, getting to know what is going on "real time" on the backstage side of the brand. We’ll be also happy to share ideas and plans of some great happenings of Shanghai.

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Let us know your comments what you liked!? Didn’t? Would rather read about… 


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