The fabulous characteristics of Silk


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As you may have observed we’ve chosen to use and put silk in the center of our new winter collection. So we wanted to give you some insights about the fabulous characteristics of silk but also give you some tips on how to take care of it without being too troubling.

So here is all you need to know about this millennial and amazing material...


Here are some more infos about how to TAKE CARE of your versatile and timeless MOHME silk pieces.


The water temperature should always be not more than 30 degrees.
Always use a detergent that is designed specifically for silk or a gentle natural soap. Do not dry clean. Dry cleaning process comprised harsh chemicals, and this could affect or damage your item. Some dyed silk may have dyes in them that are not stable and could bleed due to the use of this same chemicals.
You should always wash your silk items alone and never with other clothing.
Be Gentle
Avoid twisting or wringing out. It is important to be gentle.
Keep Rinsing
Be sure to continue to rinse until all the soap is removed from the item.
Hang it up
When you hang up your washed item, use a well-made hanger which will allow it to air dry properly.
Keep it dark
You should dry your item in a dark area, and avoid any direct exposure to the sun. It may affect the dyed color.
When you iron, be careful to use a low temperature setting so that the material is not burned. (or even put a clean and soft material between the iron and the item to avoid any burn.

Here are different types of Silk that we used for the collection


Hope you've found this article interesting and that you now feel excited of wearing some of these silk MOHME pieces...let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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