The brand is simply the dreamed wardrobe of 2 designers, in line with their personality traits. Inspired by the Chinese lifestyle fused with French aesthetics, MOHME's vibrant purpose is to create a unique city lifestyle brand (including womenswear, accessories and unisex styles…) rethinking fashion codes and seeking to provide today’s style maven with options for everyday and every occasion.

    MOHME embodies the new wave of French girls whose styles evoke boldness, audace, curisity, handling and mixing colors, prints and cuts with un je ne sais quoi.

    Having the type of look that demands to be seen with... an irresistible dose of French, feminine, a Parisian new wave allure, timeless, city ready, versatile and qualitative.


Limited & Exclusive collections


    Collections are conceived with savoir-faire, sensitivity and passion. Elaborated and created by Maude and Helene’s emotional and cultural inheritance, crafted by expert pattern makers and tailored by European standards specialized factories and Ateliers.

    Always seeking for the best, MOHME cares about the quality of its products, noble fabrics sourced from suppliers with real know-hows, perfect cuts, and meticulous noticeable details executed with delicacy and elegance.

    Collections are designed as a story to be told, inspired by places, travels, moods and art about a beautiful MOHME’s kind of a woman.


The designers


The world of Maude & Helene

A common vision and passion

    Before being partners, Maude and Helene are friends. A 10 years friendship, nourished around a shared passion for fashion and the dream to create their own label. A trip to China in 2009 made it happen. They felt in love with the energy and booming creativity of Shanghai and knew China would be the ideal place to launch their dreamed project.

    Back in Paris, the duo built up their experience working for internationally renowned brands such as CELINE, SANDRO, and THEKOOPLES.

    In 2016, in Shanghai, MOHME was born.


A Ying & Yang duo


    Maude brings her wild imagination, artistic sensibility, and attention to details while Helene with her positive communication aura, impulsiveness and forceful personality provides full energy to the duo. The founders complementarity lies in their long friendship, values, and sense of style.